Hawaii – A most Beautiful State Part II

I begin the second part of my Hawaii blog with the state flower which is the “Yellow Hibiscus.”  Needless to say the flowers and foliage on Hawaii are simply magnificent.

Yellow Hibiscus_

The sunsets, as you might imagine, were breathtaking.  Below is “Sunset – The Big Island.”

Sunset The Big Island

We were given an absolute treat every night on Hawaii.  You might say a photographer’s dream.  We had the opportunity to visit a Kona Coffee Farm and it was a very interesting and educational tour.  Below is “Kona Coffee Man”, who was very funny and really knew his stuff.  As an aside he asked one of our group where they were from and upon hearing New Jersey he said, in his Japanese accent “Ah Chris Christy.”  Our former governor’s reputation certainly gets around!!

Kona Coffee Man

Here he demonstrates hand roasting of the Kona Coffee beans.  If you are a coffee drinker like me there is no better experience than a cup of 100% Kona Coffee in the morning.  We got to Maui which I think is the most beautiful island.  Below is a shot I just couldn’t resist.  It is from the Fairmont Kea Lani Hotel, and it is called “Through The Arch.”

Through The Arch - Maui

As I said I never saw a bad sunset in Hawaii.  Hawaii is really a paradise and for anyone who has never been there, I think it is a must trip.  I leave you with an image I made called “View From Atop Haleakala National Park.”

View From Atop Haleakala Nat'l Park_

We had a wonderful time visiting the 50th state and there were limitless opportunities for photographs.  Until next month enjoy the summer and remember “Keep Shooting.”

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