The Blog – Five Years On!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year.  This edition of my photography blog starts the sixth year.  I have been very happy with the comments and compliments I have received and my hope is that you have learned something about photography and have been entertained.  For this blog I thought I might put up some of the more popular images I have posted over the last five years.  These are not easy choices and so it might take two blogs to include more of my favorites.  The first image is not only popular but a personal favorite of mine.  It is called “East Road, The Berkshires.”  We were out very early on a cold winter day and I was able to capture this image.

east road, the berkshires

For the second image we go from winter to summer for this early morning shot.  The image is called “Early Morning, Kennebunkport, ME.”  As you can see from the photograph it was a beautiful summer morning.

kennebunkport scene

The third image is an interesting one in that it is an infrared image of “Pond at Richmond Lake.”  Infrared photography, simply stated, picks up the band of light that the human eye cannot see and has some interesting effects.  I shot this scene because I knew that the foliage would come out white and the sky and water would be a deeper black.  Infrared is a fun subset of photography.

pond at richmond lakes 2

The last image is called “Oxford, Md After Sundown.”  My friend, cousin, and fellow photographer Bruce Steakley ( and I took a photo trip to the eastern shore of Maryland and we both made some amazing images.  This is just one of my favorites from that outing.

oxford, md after sundown

I really enjoy doing this photography blog and I hope all of you loyal readers enjoy it as well.  My motto is “Pass It On”, so as I said earlier I hope many of you picked up a few lessons from this blog and that your photography has improved.  That’s it for now and remember “Keep Shooting.”


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