Fall Again!

Well it’s that time of year again when all the photography bloggers (like me), and the magazine writers, and even the TV network weather persons start to talk about fall color.  It’s no different for this blogger.  Every year we talk about getting those fall colors, but how many of you actually get out there and shoot the colorful leaves.  It is nice to read the articles, but believe me it is better to be out there with a camera even if it is only your phone.  The first image below is called “Autumn in New Jersey.”  Autumn in NJ-1

I think it certainly conveys the spirit of the autumn season.  In the second image below, I used the leaves on the rocks and in the water to show the fall season.  It is called “Fall in Hacklebarney.”

Fall in Hacklebarney -5

The first two images show muted fall colors but in the third image below called “Fall, Mt. Greylock” the colors are much more brilliant and evoke a real taste of autumn.

Fall Mt. Greylock

The last photograph is also from the Berkshires, a great place to get fall colors.  It is called “Berkshire’s Colors.”

Berkshires Color-1504647996268

So don’t just read the articles, get out there and capture the beautiful autumn feeling in your photographs.  I know you will be happy with what you get.  I’ll be traveling up to the Berkshires again in a couple of weeks and I hope to get some beautiful images of fall. See you there and remember “Keep Shooting.”

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