Maryland – Eastern Shore

Last week my cousin/friend Bruce Steakley took a trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I hadn’t been there in years so it sounded like a great photo trip.  We stayed in Easton where we were within about 20 minutes of the places we wanted to shoot.  Once again luck was on our side as the weather was spectacular.  We photographed in Oxford, St. Michael’s, Tilghman Island, Annapolis and Easton.  I describe these images in no particular order, but I think you will get an idea of how beautiful the Eastern Shore is.  The first image below is called “Oxford, MD After Sundown.”

Oxford, MD After Sundown

Sundown is a great time to shoot and you can get some great images of the sun as it dips below the horizon.  But let me tell you you should not pack up your camera after that event.  After the sun was gone the colors really started to pop evidenced in this image.  Bruce had an idea to photograph the Milky Way, which I had never done before.  We needed a very dark location if this was to work.  Our concierge at the hotel suggested Tilghman Island.  So here we were at about 10:30 PM experimenting with Milky Way shots.  Bruce had done some research about some settings which were very helpful.  After going through many images I picked this one called, naturally, “Milky Way, Tilghman Island, MD.”

Milky Way, Tilghman Island, MD

The middle of the afternoon is not usually a good time to shoot pictures.  The sun is directly overhead and everything looks washed out.  But in walking around Easton Bruce discovered the Talbot Historical Society Gardens.  They were beautifully maintained and we started to see what we could do.  The first thing we came across was the gate to the gardens below called “Gate of the Gardens of the Talbot Historical Society.”  I knew this was going to be a black and white image and I think it is a very peaceful photograph.

Gate of 'The Gardens of the Talbot Historical Society

Moving around the garden I spotted this flower which I call “White Wonder”, because of how striking it is against the green background.

White Wonder

We decided to take a side trip to Annapolis, MD where we photographed the capital dome.  Below is simply “Annapolis, MD.”

Annapolis, MD

We walked around and, of course, I couldn’t resist buying my grandson an Annapolis Naval Academy T shirt, with the caveat that I am not making any suggestions about where he should receive his higher education!!  Some of the images here have also appeared on Facebook, but I had to use them in this month’s blog.  Bruce and I had a great time photographing Maryland’s Eastern Shore and we had some great food while we were there.  So if you are looking for a beautiful place to visit this summer whether you are a photographer or not I suggest the Eastern Shore.  Until next month everyone enjoy the summer weather and remember “Keep Shooting.”

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