Central Park Gardens

On May 6th a, few weeks age, I went into New York City to the Central Park Gardens to do some spring photography.  With me was my friend and shooting buddy Bruce  Pitman and his niece Carey Pitman (our guide).  This is the second time we have done this, the first being a few years ago when we said we’ll come back the following year.  Well with one thing and another the following year turned out to be about three years later!  These gardens are just magnificent and in a row, French, Italian, and English.  We had a cloudy day and had to make do with lighting.  Although I really  prefer slightly cloudy to harsh sunlight for flower photography.  Our first stop was the French Garden where I got the image below called “French Garden Reds, Central Park, NYC.”

French Garden Reds, Central Park, NYC

I like the simplicity of these two beauties although as you can see they were starting to show some wear.  We then moved on to the Italian Garden which had less flowers but beautiful foliage.  The next image below is called “Central Park Italian Garden Scene.”

Central Park Italian Garden Scene

I purposely kept the light post in the foreground because I think it gives the photograph depth and anchors the scene.  In the same area I made this image below called “Italian Garden Path.”

Italian Garden Path

I love the way the trees make a canopy over this long path with benches.  If you look very hard at the benches you might just make out a couple sitting on the last bench on the left.  The last photograph below is called “Bed Of Color, English Garden, Central Park, NYC.”

Bed Of Color,English Garden, Central Park, NYC

I love the way the flowers move you into the image as the colors change.  It may not have been the best day to shoot, weather wise, but we had a lot of fun and we all got some great images.  The moral of this story is, just because it looks like rain doesn’t mean you can’t get out there with your camera!

Look for the second installment of my new blog called stevescameratalk.wordpress.com coming in early June.  A big thank you to all of my loyal blog readers.  I hope you have enjoyed these photography blogs and more importantly I hope you have learned something from them.  My motto is “Pass It On.”  So until next month remember “Keep Shooting.”

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